AAGO company the makers of Nigeria's own and first arabic numeral watch is registered with the corporate affairs. aago watches are crafted from the environment friendly raw materials and assembled with meticulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed in Nigeria to the most exacting standards. Pioneer of the Nigerian Indo-Arabic numeral wristwatch since 2014, AAGO evolved at the origin of landmark innovations of numbers used for counting which is an invention of Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi. An effort to make life easier in the golden age. He was Persian and the numbers were later called Arabic numerals by the world, however it was an upgrade of the indian numerals when the roman numerals were not solving some basic human problems. This was applied in watchmaking. For over a period of time now, AAGO watches have been bought by muslims and non-muslims alike. To ensure authenticity, genuine AAGO products are sold exclusively through Official AAGO Retailers. AAGO does sell watches directly from this Website and cannot ensure the authenticity of watches sold at non-official retailers store. AAGO invites you to visit your nearest Official AAGO Retailer or order online. The first edition and its history: AL-KHAWARIZMI EDITION: In 2018 after two years of design and test. The Al-khawarizmi edition made its debut. Available only in Jet Black alloy, Stainless Steel and Gold. It was the first edition of aago. Five models were released same day. 1000 PIECES were launched. It is the first Nigerian designed watch with Arabic numeral dial. With swappable nylon strap, originally created for it, the al-khawarizmi edition continues to be the watch par excellence for classic people. AAGO reserves the right at all times to modify its models featured in the Website. While AAGO has tried to accurately display shapes and colors of its products on the Website, they mostly depend on your monitor and may therefore be perceived differently. Any addition or substitution of parts or accessories with those not manufactured by AAGO, as well as any alteration, modification or other material change made to or on AAGO products by a third party not authorized by AAGO cancels the warranty. AAGO does not approve any modification made by non-authorized third parties on the AAGO products, including the addition of verbal and graphic elements, as well as any customization activity (such as black coated watches, the addition of aftermarket diamonds, bezels, dials and bracelets, etc.). These modifications may harm the quality and the integrity of the AAGO products. All intellectual property rights such as trademarks, trade names, designs and copyrights are reserved and are exclusively owned by AAGO. Shop for AAGO HERE: https://middleman.com.ng/marketplace/seller/profile/aagoccompany Call: +2348074115423