The Product model and the story it tells: 570: The jetblack model off the al-khawarizmi edition, could be called 570CE or Year of Elephant. A model named after the year of birth of Prophet Muhammad (saw). World Most influential person of all time. Year of Elephant was the year Kaba was attacked and it was protected by Allah using drone-like birds at a time there was no technology of flying object. This miracle was recorded in Quran. We implore you to read about it in books of tafsir. One major lesson from it was the statement of the grandfather of the prophet, who said: protect yourselves, the God of Kaba will protect Kaba. This edition is for people who have experienced a particular great year in the life. A year of challenge that they were able to overcome against all odds. 610: This model was named after the year of commission of prophethood of Muhammad (saw), same year the revelation of quran commenced. The verses started with a command to read. We also call this model readers edition. We implore you to read further about this event. This edition is for those who got promoted, record a new milestone in their life or get a new job. 622: This model was named after year of hijrah, major migration to madinah by the first generation of Muslims. It’s like the exodus, it like the French revolution with a peaceful tone. The exact reason it carries the flag colors of France. We implore you to read about this. It’s the year zero of the Islamic calendar called hijrah calendar. It was adopted 6years after the event took place. The great lesson here is that the adoption was reached by consensus and to solve basic community problem. This model is for those who got a better placement in life after a long time waiting and working. Its for those who got freedom as well. 624: Also known as 624CE. This model was named after the year of great victory, the first battle of the muslims. A two hours fight between them and the makkans. Agreed to be the greatest battle of Islam. The major lesson here is numbers don’t matter in success, faith and commitment does. Also there was a time Makkah was against their son and islam. We implore you to read more about it. This model is for the victorious especially with a few team than expected. 630: Also known as 630CE. This model was named after the year of opening. The year muslims cleansed makkah of idols. The year adhan was called from the top of kaaba by a former slave form Etopia. A symbol against racism. The lesson here was that power got to the muslims and the idol worshippers were pardoned except for a few who are particularly anti-islam with their poetry. It was called the day of mercy a correction to the companion who called it day of retribution or payback We implore you to read further on this. This model is for those who conquered. Those who did a great comeback. Those who unlock a mystery. Those who got accepted after rejection. Call: +234 807 411 5423